img_3447.jpgHello, I would like to formally welcome you to our page– so welcome. For starters, I am a student who loves music and reading. I play guitar, sing, and am always listening to music. My favorite artists include Janis Joplin, Arctic Monkeys, and The Clash. Though I’ve had less time to read as of late, I still try and make time to fit some books into my schedule. Some favorites include The Jellicoe Road and Milk and Honey. I like to spend a lot of time outside when I can too, mainly hiking, running, or swimming depending on the season. I am vegan, and have been living that way for about two years now, and this lifestyle choice has significantly influenced many aspects of my life. I will talk more in depth about this in later blog posts. By the way Ally, my best friend and fellow blogger, is awesome and you should totally check out her post on how to check federal student loan interests.

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14141795_10205809253825582_2090301177225692798_nHi! I’m a first year commuter college student at Stony Brook University, double majoring in biochemistry and history. I love to read and write. My favorites range from classics like Jane Austen’s Sense and Sensibility and Charlotte Bronte’s Jane Eyre to contemporaries such as Andy Weir’s The Martian and Sidney Sheldon’s Tell Me Your Dreams. One of my dreams is to get a novel published one day. In the rare times that I actually get some free time, I like to paint and draw. Of course, Netflix is my go-to in the weekends like everybody else. I love hockey – big fan of the NY Rangers so, if I disappear around May, you’ll know where I am. I also like to sing like Abby but music doesn’t like me as much despite the musical tendencies of my family. Definitely look for Abby’s music posts though! No one knows music better than that girl.

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