red hot chili peppers in nyc

Hey, Abby here….

On February 17, 2017 I saw Red Hot Chili Peppers (RHCP) live at Madison Square Garden. Now whether you have an appreciation for the band or not, we all must admit to how well they play live. I never saw them before Friday, but that will definitely not be the last time I seek them out. Maybe the next time I’ll figure out how Flea (the bassist) plays so well galloping around the stage all night– but let’s be honest, nobody is going to figure that one out no matter how hard they try. The band had a great balance between the old and the new music, so newer fans will be in the loop and older fans will be happy hearing of their old favorites– all in all a very happy audience.

To start off the night RHCP had their original drummer, Jack Irons, play a set. The songs were a bit out there with a spacey tone. The music was primarily electronic with the drums played over the track. After, Trombone Shorty played a very energetic set. It wasn’t exactly my style, but good nonetheless. The vocals were well done and the trombone and saxophone were phenomenal.

Finally, RHCP got on stage. They played about an hour / hour and a half set, including crowd favorites such as “Dark Necessities,” “Go Robot,” and “Dani California.” The band was very energetic, jumping and running around the stage all night. The playing was impressive, with their super groovy bass line, and the vocals were fantastic. It was an exciting night and to make it even better I got a cool shirt, so bonus points there. I know I’m going totally off point but I’ve been to so many concerts with crappy merch, so it was nice to see some cool shirts instead.

Altogether I had a positive experience; I would definitely recommend seeing Red Hot Chili Peppers live if you haven’t yet.

<Let me know if you’ve seen them live in the comments below>


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